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the other way. demint's decision means that the center of politician action in 2014 will be in the state of south carolina. three marquee statewide contests down there, two senate races and the governor's race. the fighting atmosphere of the palmetto state is legendary. throw in all of the state contests, the presidential primary season that kicks off very early in that state because it's early. and you've got yourself a humdinger down there. south carolina governor nikki haley does get the job of appointing demint's replacement who will serve until 2014 when there is a special election. she said yesterday she could make that decision within a week. among the names in the mix, congressman tim scott, former congressman barrett, henry mcmaster who was a candidate for governor in 2010, nathan ballentine and ted pitts. now many conservatives made it clear that they prefer tim scott and are bordering on strong-arming nikki haley, trying to box her into doing it after demint's announcement. look at the statement scott himself released. quote, looking forward. governor haley will now appoint a
action by the senate. >> the classic ping pong gridlock and no way out. >> it's important to know how far we have come in the last seven days. a week ago we were closer than we had seen before on a particular deal. john boehner made a big concession allowing tax cuts to rise on income over a million dollars. president obama countered with a big concession and saying that that should be $400,000 and have fixes to social security on costs of living adjustments on that. what ended up happening? john boehner retreated their plan b that mike viquiera was talking about that was unable to pass and now we are in the stalemate we are in now. we were closer than before. >> you touch on a good point. that's lost now in the media. we are going-over the cliff. last week they are $450 billion away from a deal. that's less than 1% of the federal spending over the next decade. in d.c. terms, 400 billion seems like a lot. that's a drop in the bucket in d.c. terms. it's amazing that small of a number killed a deal. >> if you are buying a house or a car and one person said look, i'm going at $1 billion. usu
, conservative groups have already condemned his harder bargain. heritage action called it the grand capitulation. republicans rm urged not to concede on the debt ceiling. mean whooit on the left, the huffington post, there's a headline condemning obama's raw deal saying the president's offer targets the middle class and the elderly. it's the cpi index they're taking issue with. the way you used to be able to get a deal done in washington is quote/unquote if both sides complained. that means there was equal pain. the question is if that still applies today. we'll see. there has to be some movement here. is the threshold going to get moved up? how will the rank and file respond to speaker bain they are morning? he's not presenting them any plan, but when the update is done. and what happens? where are senate republicans? some of them are in a sour place. when do they decide to launch their quote/unquote plan bs, which would extend tax rates up to 250,000 and punt everything else? we'll see. the next 24 hours are everything. they have to get a deal, a framework in place to avoid any sort of punt. >
. and what we're seeing here is very little action on the spending side of the ledger. let's say that leader mcconnell and vice president biden reach an agreement today, which i certainly hope they will, but that agreement clearly is just going to be on the revenue side. the majority's going to be on the revenue side, and the problem is on the spending side. it's ironic that the one proposal that leader mcconnell put forward, which was an idea that came from the white house, which was that you control the rate of growth of entitlements by changing the calculation of the cpi, something that should have been done a long time ago to get it to be more accurate, was rejected, rejected out of hand on the other side of the aisle. so, that's now off the table. that would have been a substantive step forward. it's not going to happen relative to getting spending under control. and so, i understand senator graham, lindsey graham's frustration with the failure to get action on the spending side, and he sees this as a leverage point and he feels it's the one leverage point they have that they can use ef
but we are certainly planning to take action if that is a very strong warning to the assad regime that their behavior is reprehensible. >> clinton did not say if the u.s. had any new evidence to suggest they are planning to use a stockpile of missiles they are believed to have. watts told politico the defeat is evidence that their party needs to broaden its appeal to minority voters. priebus has announced he is seeking a second term. party insiders say out of the 168 votes from members who get to pick, he has 130 of those locked up publicly. nbc news has learned president obama will ask the dnc to approve keeping debbie wasserman schultz as chair. the fact the president carries her home state might have helped her cause. 23% gave president obama an excellent rating, 18% said the same for cuomo and both bloomberg and fema got 14% excellence ratings. cory booker is taking part in what he has labelled as the food stamp challenge. he will only eat what food stamps can provide, $4 a meal. a back and forth twitter exchange about the role in funding school breakfast and lunch programs. f
. democrats in the state legislature have threatened further action. >> good ideas get debate and bad ones get rammed through with police protection in a legislature. i will say this. this fight is not over. >> it's unclear exactly what democrats and labor can do. critics say it could overturn the law that would require getting 258,000 signatures on the ballot. labor may be looking at 2014 for retribution. >> we are reawakening and going to build a powerful movement. make it crystal clear that schneider can't get away with this. >> this is the first round of a battle that will divide the state. we will have a civil war in this state. >> there you heard it. think about it this way. labor is likely to make schneider a big 2014 target. the mid-western republican governors are aiming to take down john casic and scott walker and of course schneider throws in florida's rick scott although florida has been a right to work state for a long time. in a statement, we consider 2014 to be absolutely crucial. if you wanted to somewhat arbitrarily say which region will see the most action, it's going to be i
told david gregory it's time for the president to translate his views on gun control into action. >> it's time for the president, i think, to stand up and lead. this should be his number one agenda. he's the president of the united states. if he does nothing in his second term, something like 48,000 americans will be killed with illegal guns. >> also on "meet the press," california senator dianne feinstein said she will introduce a bill to reintroduce the assault weapons ban. >> ban the sale, and the importation and perspectively. it will ban the same for big clips, runs or strips of more than ten bullets. >> i think america is ready. they will have an opportunity with this bill. >> will the president speak out in favor? >> i believe he will. >> after the "new york times" reported that the justice department drew up guidelines for expanded background systems to keep guns out of the hand of the mentally ill. carolyn mak carthy's husband was killed and promised she will embarrass the white house on gun control if she has to release the letter to the president calling for him to take immed
. to tell you the truth, i think probably the best course of action now is to see if we do a discharge petition in the house. we have all the democrats coming on board and get 15 or 20 republicans coming on saying you know what, the wealthiest people can pay a little bit more in taxes. if you do that, we can rapidly move to the solution to the situation. >> nancy pelosi tried to do that and the signature is not there. chuck hegel was a colleague of yours. are you surprised about the criticism he received from the left and the right being the possible nominee for president obama in the obama administration in the second term? >> hegel used on foreign policy, but he hasn't received a lot of criticism. how much of that is justified? i can't tell you. >> senator from vermont, we thank you for joining us the day after christmas. >> joining us to talk big picture and the president's second term cabinet, nbc editor mark murray was the december employee of the month. congratulations. >> excuse me. you heard from senator sanders saying the lack of urgency hasn't been a problem, but if you look
as possible. moving down that path is the right course of action for us. >> but boehner's attempt to find more leverage with the white house by floating an escape route meant a wasted day in the talks. his plan b was dismissed out of hand by democrats, even by one who just last year championed the same concept. >> plan b i would call it plan befuddled. it is a tactic but it is not a serious proposal. >> speaker boehner's proposal is not balanced. will not protect the middle class because it can't pass the senate. >> now democrats use the whole millionaire idea as a political ploy six months ago as steny hoyer admitted yesterday. but meanwhile some conservatives aren't crazy about boehner's decision to concede on tax rates for any income level. >> once you cross that line and say like some people it is okay for some people's taxes to go up, i think that's a mistake for the republican party. >> i don't want to raise taxes on anybody. and i didn't come here to raise taxes or increase spending. >> so last night house republican leaders were trying to assess whether they have the votes to get their
. they say the club will score how members vote on this. heritage action called plan b a, quote, clear path towards surrender on conservative principles and announced they, too, will make -- will score the vote calling it a key vote on their legislative scorecard. the groups trekked down the hill to try to pressure republican leader sthop simply pull the bill. >> the american people did not re-elect the conservative house of representatives to become tax collectors for barack obama's welfare state. >> we supported challengers who were opposed to t.a.r.p., who were opposed to the debt deal 2011 and this is the sort of vote that we'll look at closely when we look at our options in 2014. >> a whole lot of members who thought they were safe and who thought they could get away with this will lose in their own districts. >> boehner can lose about 20 votes and still get his bill passed. some members say leaders are frantically whipping, telling members this vote will inoculate them in the future against political attacks. louisiana congressman john flemming who told roll call he does not support t
with unions, michigan. organized labor groups have called for a day of action and are expecting thousands to descend on the capital. as the state legislature reconvenes for what is final work to right bill. the latest in the midwest, a as we remember scott walker pushed legislation through his state house that pushed employee. john kasich's efforts to curve collective bargaining was only stopped when voters reversed the law through a ballot initiative, but conservatives haven't managed to get a right to work law passed in either state. republicans in michigan are using indiana as their model where governor mitch daniel got a right to work law passed earlier this year. rick schneider said it would boost business in his state. >> indiana's a good illustration. they did this last february. they found at least 90 different companies cited this as a factor when they contacted the indiana economic corporation and they have at least 30 that have moved ahead with projects. >> until very recentrecently scr appealed for crossover votes during that republican primary, calling it divisive. yesterday
action in libya, has always been more of an interventionist will. she's been criticized for downplaying -- she was using with cia written talking points that turned out to be wrong. yesterday she explained those comments yet again. >> secretary clinton had originally been asked by most of the networks to go on. she had had an incredibly grueling week dealing with the protests around the middle east and north africa. i was asked, i was willing to do so. it wasn't what i had planned for that weekend originally. but i don't regret doing that, brian. >> there was also a daily trickle of negative story on rice's investments, vetting her past roles in the government, and the campaign that the white house never really deftd her against. 20% view her positively, 24% negatively. in a "washington post" op-ed this morning. rice writes this, in recent weeks new lines of attack have been raised to mall line my character and my career even before i was nominated for any new position. a steady drip of manufactured charges presented a -- rice isn't going anywhere, and by hangeding this gracefully, she
. there are people who respond when club for growth, heritage action, freedom march starts pounding them with robocalls, sure. >> are you disappointed? >> disappointed. it's unbelievable. this is horrible. >> kansas conservative congressman tim hoel's camp was among those that opposed the bill. afterwards he seemed almost giddy about boehner's defeat saying, and i quote, republicans should not be forced to vote for a show bill that asks us to compromise on our principle. he then made it clear, politics weren't the only thing in play, at least for him, adding, on a separate note, republican leadership thought they could silence conservatives when they kicked us off of our committees. i'm glad that enough of my colleagues refused to back down after the threats and intimidation, thus preventing the conference from abandoning our principles. over on the senate side, an aide to minority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky waited this morning telling nbc's first read, quote, dems did a great job of killing plan b. i sure hope they have a plan c. of course, plan b never had a shot of passing the
course of action relating to immigration i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit. >> quite the day yesterday. >> this battle for the soul is worth going back reading those speeches from bush to ryan to rubio. >> all right. as we move on, minority report democrats trying to force a vote on extending tax cuts. some republicans about ready to break ranks. what it really takes to make a deal before time runs out. first a look ahead to the president's schedule. wondering why do the negotiations look like nothing in the way ceos do negotiations. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm f
.s. and nato allies pressed for assad's departure but any u.n. action has been blocked against assad and tess piety a flurry aimed at the foreign minister at lyclinton's last st in dublin. fundamental decisionses about reforming syria's political system must be made by syrians themselves without outside interference. a disappointing statement for a lot of those trying to get the russians off of a assad's side. opposition should agree to the parameters of a transition period. looking for a solution to the conflict but continues to oppose making the exit a precondition. the u.s. gets involved in syria, it won't transform u.s. policy in the middle east and change the dynamics of everything in washington. trust us on this including the fiscal cliff. >>> well, driving a hard bargain, president obama heads to the motor city and in the middle of a union fight. i have a former governor of michigan here. plus, we'll talk fiscal cliff and debt ceiling with him. plus, one hatch of simpson-bowles. the erskine bowles half. the less dancing of the duo. why former chief of staff is growing more optimistic w
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)